Agencies, deliver a unique new growth service at a 17:1 ROI

Agency Growth OS helps marketing agencies deliver quick, consistent, and quantified client results.

  • Identify an endless stream of client opportunities
  • Link those opportunities to quantified value and ROI
  • Guide your clients to sustained, predictable growth

Add a new revenue stream your clients want and need

Attract more leads, win more clients, and retain them longer

Increase your margins to reflect the value you deliver

To grow your agency in 2022 and beyond, you must overcome some serious challenges:

Agency Growth OS challenges

Extreme Competition

There are more agencies, consultants, freelancers, and Do-It-Yourself options available to your prospects, making it increasingly difficult to stand out in a meaningful way.

Economic Uncertainty

Recession triggered by rising inflation and an economic downturn. Boston Consulting Group research shows only 14% of companies grew during the last four recessions.

Clients Demand Quick ROI

During a slow economy, business spending is more conservative and clients are more demanding. Fail to deliver ROI within 60-90 days, and you risk being thought of as ineffective or unnecessary.

Close 60-140% more business from 43% of the sales effort...

And in the process, out-position 99.9% of your competitors.

Before Agency Growth OS

You're selling the same thing as competitors
Your prospects don't fully understand the value you can provide them
Or, they have unrealistic expectations about results

The prospect considers you "high-risk" because they must spend money up-front for benefits that can't be quantified or guaranteed.

After Agency Growth OS

You have a unique service only you can offer
Your service clearly links to desired business outcomes and financial performance
Your service quickly delivers a positive ROI, usually within 60-90 days

The prospect wants your service because they can see a clear path to a quick and significant Return On Investment.

How Agency Growth OS Works

Our proprietary Growth Catalyst software helps you package your expertise in a way that provides a clear and quantifiable link to value and ROI while setting you up for long-term success with your client.

A comprehensive system for agency growth.

Agency Growth OS and our 120 Growth Catalyst software gives companies a systematic and quantified view into the problems and growth opportunities across a business. Covering both quantitative and qualitative data, it puts hard measures on soft areas that are often neglected because they are difficult to measure.

More Sales & Profit

Generate more leads that convert at a higher rate with a unique, high-margin service your clients will love.

More Market Share

Distinguish yourself and get more "wins" in competitive situations with your own Unique Value Proposition.

Higher Valuation

Increase enterprise value, improve shareholder ROI, and build a business attractive to investors.

Result: Holistic Growth

Agency Growth OS is a comprehensive growth system that improves all aspects of the sales and revenue generation.

Grow your client's business by the numbers...

Clients using the Growth Catalyst often see results like these:

3-7 X

Help them growth their businesses 3-7 times faster

17:1 ROI

Triple revenue growth rate with a 17:1 ROI


Average Compound Annual Growth Rate

Deliver sustained, predictive growth for your clients

Great client experiences lead to longer and more profitable client relationships. Our proprietary Growth Catalyst software delivers the ultimate client experience:

  • Methodical, repeatable, data-driven and predictive system gives your clients the clarity and control needed to achieve their growth goals faster and more profitably.
  • Makes it easy to measure, manage, and consistently improve your client's growth performance.

Benchmark your client's performance

Take your client through a comprehensive growth strategy benchmarking process. Evaluating both quantitative and qualitative data, they will see how their score compares to best practice.

Advanced discovery and opportunity analysis

Armed with data that directly translates into financial performance, your clients can attribute growth potential and financial impact to the choices they make.

Create a consistent flow of client growth opportunities

Combined with our agile growth planning system, you and your client will have a continuous flow of new growth opportunities to evaluate every quarter.

Drive client growth with data-driven decisions

The Growth Catalyst software provides both you and your clients with the data needed to set priorities, make better growth decisions, and drive maximum financial impact.

Predictive Results

Increase your client's benchmark score and grow their business.

Growth Catalyst Benchmark Score to Growth Correlation
Agency Growth OS - impact on growth
Growth Catalyst - equity evolution
Growth Catalyst - growth trajectory

Impact on Agency Financial Performance

The Growth Catalyst benchmarking system can be sold as a standalone productized service, or as part of a larger growth and consulting package. We sell it to our clients at a price of $16,600 plus expenses, but you can sell it for more or less depending on how you want to integrate it into your service offering.

Client Acquisition

Create unique marketing messages and offers that stand out and generate more leads
Improve conversion with offers that have a clear link to value and ROI
Your new high-value and unique growth service is easily referrable

Client Retention

Opportunity to embed your new service into the client's daily operations
Periodic "check-ups" identify additional opportunities for your services
Reactivate former clients with your new and unique high-value service
Clients are less likely to leave an agency that delivers clear and consistent ROI


Incoporate a value-based pricing model with a service that has a clear quantitative link to value and ROI
Sell more highly profitable strategy and advisory work

Who is the Agency Growth OS for?

Marketing & Growth Agencies

Agencies that want to distinguish themselves from competitors, deliver consistent, quantifiable results for their clients, and add a highly-profitable new service that extends client engagements.

Marketing & Growth Consultants

Deliver tangible value and clear ROI to your clients while earning the respect of trusted advisor. Generate a consistent flow of new ideas and growth opportuntiies every quarter.

Business Coaches & Advisors

Engage in more high-value strategic planning and advisory work, put more distance between yourself and tactical execution, and retain your clients longer with our Growth Catalyst software.

M&A Professionals and Investors

Evaluate growth potential and opportunities of your investments and portfolio companies with our comprehensive growth strategy benchmarking system.

Eliminate Client Pain

Minimize Risk
  • We don't believe in drastic change
  • Protect the business they've built
  • Minimizes demands on executive's time
Reduce Complexity
  • Logical and intuitive framework
  • Orderly and organized; everything is in place
  • Easy to implement and manage
Reduce Uncertainty
  • Make better decisions based on accurate data
  • Begin generating revenue quickly
  • Know they're focused on the right activities

Generate Client Gain

Sustained Growth
  • Grow their business by the numbers
  • Consistent, repeatable systems and predictable results
  • Create growth synergy to get the most from efforts
Clarity & Control
  • Keep their business running smoothly
  • Minimize disruptions to daily operations
  • Drive constant progress toward their goals
Return On Investment
  • Generate positive ROI in 60-90 days
  • Prudent investment that drives consistent ROI
  • Develop team's capabilities to drive growth

Growth Strategy Benchmarking in Action

Consulting Firm

  • $75M-$130 increased revenue in less than four years
  • Tripled revenue of specifc consulting service in two years.
  • Launched new service that created 20% of total revenue in two years


  • Situation: $360M manufacturer experienced 8 years of steady decline
  • Improved new account conversion 30%
  • Increased average transaction value by almost 18%
  • Current growth rate over 20% CAGR
  • Projected 2022 revenues is $450M

Private Equity Firm

  • Growth Catalyst used as growth engine in 11 portfolio companies
  • Benchmarking used as due dilligence on 13 transactions
  • Growth Catalyst used successfully in four company turnarounds

Is Agency Growth OS for you?

It's easy to find out...

Step 1:

Assess Your Growth Potential

Take our free and online assessment and get your Agency Growth Potential Score. It's thorough, revealing, and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Step 2:

Get Your Free Demo Today

After completing your assessment, receive access to your free trial of the Growth Catalyst Software to kick off your journey to a more profitable agency.

Step 3:

Start Growing Your Agency

Schedule a free, no-pressure, 30-minute Value Discovery briefing to see if Growth Strategy Benchmarking can help you grow revenue, margin, and business value.

The Agency Growth OS Promise

We know that the concept of Growth Strategy Benchmarking is new to you, and we want you to feel comfortable and confident in your decision to work with us. So we want to make you a couple of promises:

First, when you use the Growth Catalyst software and benchmarking process with clients, you will help them identify a clear and quantifiable path to 20% or more annual growth in sales, profit, and company valuation.

Second, the opportunity you identify will have a dramatic Return On Investment for your clients while providing a substantial profit for you.

  • When we deliver the Growth Catalyst, we promise a 120X identified ROI (we charge $16,600 for this service)
  • When we deliver Growth Assurance consulting, the client often sees ROI of 17:1 (our monthly retainer for clients is $16,000, and our time spent with clients ranges between 2-20 hours per month)
The Agency Growth OS Promise

Is your agency leaving money on the table? How can you know for sure?

Take our free, proprietary Agency Growth Potential assessment to find out. This quick online assessment provides key insights into the opportunities to drive short- and long-term growth in your agency. The assessment is free, takes only a few minutes, and you get your results immediately.