Agencies, discover your new competitive advantage.

Agency Growth OS helps marketing agencies deliver unique, predictive, and quantifiable value to clients, accelerate revenue growth, and build an agency that attracts investors.

Agency Growth Operating System

Add a new revenue stream your clients want and need

Attract more leads, win more clients, and retain them longer

Increase your margins to reflect the value you deliver


Deliver predictive growth and faster ROI for clients.

Grow your agency with a unique new revenue growth service your clients need… especially in today’s economic conditions.

The Revenue Growth Catalyst measures a company’s potential to create and sustain growth in competitive environments. Combining our proprietary benchmarking and growth operating system, you will gain a powerful new tool to lead your clients to predictable, methodical growth.

Benchmark your client’s performance

Help your clients measure their performance and capabilities to create and sustain profitable growth.

Identify a steady flow of growth opportunities

Methodical and repeatable discovery process consistently generates growth opportunities.

Link the opportunities to quantified value

Advanced discovery and opportunity analysis tools link growth opportunities to quantified value.

Execute a data-driven growth strategy

Empower your clients with real data to set objectives and priorities as you lead them to sustained growth.

Increase your margins to reflect the value you deliver…

3-7 X

Help your clients grow 3-7 times faster with the Revenue Growth Catalyst.

17:1 ROI

Raise your rates dramatically as you deliver a 17:1 ROI for your clients.


Average client is $60 million in annual revenue and growing at 27.6% CAGR.

Increase your client’s benchmark score, grow their business

The Revenue Growth Catalyst Benchmark Score is directly tied to the growth drivers of the business. As your client improves their score over time, the growth rate also increases.

Growth Catalyst Benchmark Score to Growth Correlation

Deliver “next-level” growth services

Armed with data that directly translates into financial performance, your clients can attribute growth potential and financial impact to the choices they make. This context adds an entirely new dimension to your services.

Build a world-class growth agency

  • Create unique value while packaging your services in a way that’s easy to market and sell.
  • Accelerate short-term revenue growth and long-term growth in valuation.
  • Build a business that attracts quality investors.
Growth Catalyst - equity evolution

Is your agency leaving money on the table?

How can you know for certain?

Get your free Agency Growth Potential Score to find out. This quick online assessment provides key insights into the opportunities to drive short- and long-term growth in your agency. The assessment is free, takes only a few minutes, and you get your results immediately.

Who uses the Revenue Growth Catalyst?

Marketing & Growth Agencies

Agencies that want to distinguish themselves from competitors, deliver consistent, quantifiable results for their clients, and add a highly-profitable new service that extends client engagements.

Marketing & Growth Consultants

Deliver tangible value and clear ROI to your clients while earning the respect of trusted advisor. Generate a consistent flow of new ideas and growth opportuntiies every quarter.

Business Coaches & Advisors

Engage in more high-value strategic planning and advisory work, put more distance between yourself and tactical execution, and retain your clients longer with our Growth Catalyst software.

M&A Professionals and Investors

Evaluate growth potential and opportunities of your investments and portfolio companies with our comprehensive growth strategy benchmarking system.

Free Revenue Discovery

Will the Revenue Growth Catalyst work for you and your business? It’s easy to find out with a Value Discovery session.

Book a CEO Briefing

Let’s have a brief conversation to discuss your business, goals, and to confirm fit with the Revenue Growth Catalyst.

Revenue Discovery

Under mutual NDA, we’ll enter your data into the Revenue Growth Catalyst to identify risks and quantifiable opportunities for growth.

Gain Growth Insights

We put all your Revenue Growth Catalyst data and our recommendations into a personalized 24-page Report Of Findings.

Grow Your Agency

Our clients typically see 20-40% annual gains in sales, profit, and valuation metrics after the Revenue Growth Catalyst Value Discovery.

Close 60-140% more business from 43% of the sales effort…

And out-position 99.9% of your competitors in the process.

Before Agency Growth OS

You’re selling the same thing as competitors
Your prospects don’t fully understand the value you can provide them
Or, they have unrealistic expectations about results

The prospect considers you “high-risk” because they must spend money up-front for benefits that can’t be quantified or guaranteed.

After Agency Growth OS

You have a unique service only you can offer
Your service clearly links to desired business outcomes and financial performance
Your service quickly delivers a positive ROI, usually within 60-90 days

The prospect wants your service because they can see a clear path to a quick and significant Return On Investment.